Oil pressure went to "0" !


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May 25, 2001
I was just driving through town and looked down and saw my oil pressure at 0!!! Heard lifters start to rattle and pulled over and turned it off. When I started it the 2nd time the pressure came back up. What's going on???
Nothing good that's for sure, but I can tell you that exact same thing happened to me once a long time ago in my 1st regal and it was fine for thousands and thousnds more hard miles but I still have no idea what happened.
The same thing happened to me with a 440 Chrysler I had. Shut it off,had it towed home. Started it briefly to get it in the garage. It magically had oil pressure again.

I replaced the pump. It never happened again. Someone told me it had to do with a pressure relief valve that is in there.

I'd be replacing the pump.
Have to agree with "HighMilage", might just be a fluke but I'd be proactive and change the pump. Chances are you might be ready for a new pan gasket anyway. Since at the very least you are going to change the oil, I'd go ahead and drop the pan and change the pump and screen. Wouldn't hurt to check your old oil with a magnet, never know.:frown: