oil pump thrust plate


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May 25, 2001
I am having problems with no oil pressure after my last rebuild (the saga is in the general section of the board). I've ordered a new thrust plate (in my easter egg hunting, troubleshooting way) from ramchargers, but it looks like they don't want to serve me or something.

Does anyone happen to have an old oil pump thrust plate (the part below the oil pump gears that contains the relief valve and oil cooler adapter goes to) around that I could either borrow or buy. Mine does have a few gouges in the thrust surface, and I'm afraid something may have broken while the front cover was "stored" during this last rebuild.


The part worked great!!! The car is back on the road FINALLY! Actually I think it was the gasket I was using. It wasn't sealing in the area of the oil pickup due to the high volume timing cover apparently being slightly different than stock. But I put the 'correct' type gasket in, and presto!!! It even sounds soooooooooo sweat!!! :) Now to change the oil and tighten up some loose ends, and then go for a nice long drive.

So.... I have oil pressure. I fixed the exhaust leaks that I expected after a few heating cycles of the new gaskets. Now I'm depressed and the wife doesn't understand. The car is running GREAT!! :( Now I don't have anything to do on it except cleaning and getting it show ready again. Does this make me strange that I'm upset the car is actually running good? I need a psychiatrist I think.