Ok building another s10 need help tuning and some other stuff


I heart Boost and DRs...
Im going to try to use a stock engine, turbo, etc. Im going to have alky, but been thinking on nitrous or something else to help get the power up there and Im not even sure what tire to use.

I know there is some fast cars out here doing this, but I might be 800-1000 lbs lighter then the cars.
Using Nitrous with a stock turbo is probably not the best use of cylinder pressure IMO, especially since you can use the Nitrous to help spool a bigger turbo (Billet 64 etc), then turn off the Nitrous and let the bigger turbo take over with a more efficient top end. ;)

Or even easier is to rock a bigger turbo (Billet 58 etc) with alky and go from there while getting a WB 02 and tuning for low 11's in 3rd. Keep in mind that your octane, intercooler, timing, ambient and MAT temps play a roll in your total boost #'s so don't use other members GN's performance numbers as gospel.

Do you know the front and rear weight of the S10?
You might need to add adjustable front and rear shocks (QA1) to your list to get it to hook on any DOT tire.
You'll get to the turbo's limit either way. There is only so much a stocker can flow through its compressor cover and turbine housing. Try and force too much.. you'll be doing head gaskets when the back pressure goes up.