Ok everybody let's start a pic post thread for the W-Bodies!

And was damn nice to get it right and run a 12.85 @ 107mph
Hopefully I'll get a chance to better it on Sat.
Ran a 12.82 on a 12.85 dial and broke out. He was peddling on the big end but I just barely got the stripe and couldn't back off it was to close.
He dialed a 12.75 and ran a 79 I think. He lost in the 2nd round he ran a 12.18 to a 12.25 dial so he really had me covered.
After a good acid wheel cleaning on my DD 01 GS.
Made a couple of changes to the front nose of my DD. 1st pic is the way I bought. 2nd pic changed out the grill. 3rd pic changed the headlamps too...
Added a Dynomax Race Bullet muffler as a resonator...had to take the cut out off and make it CA compliant on the cat side.

almost there....

most exhaust systems are raspy on supercharged cars but that sounds really good.

hopefully get out to the track soon for some shakedown passes with the new cam. still have that 50mm turbo so not sure if it will run out breath.
We can do battle of the silver cars at BG. lol

Getting a IC installed at the moment on the silver LS, we're guessing high 11's when all said and done.

I see a 70mm in your future lol...
Going outside now to drop pulley size again on the white car. I bought it with a 3.5 installed which was to small at the time. With all of the changes I went to a 3.4, now dropping to a 3.25.

After all of the changes except for finishing the exhaust past the DP it was at 10lbs of boost on the 3.5. Completing the exhaust it went to 8.0 psi. Changed to the 3.4 it went back to 9.3 with a spike at 10. Now we'll see on the 3.25.
I plan to get to bring it to BG...just still a lot to get done before then.

Sounds like you have a couple of good running Regals!
3 good running Regal's lol Still have the GN with 540 rwhp. :)

Here is the hwy pull on the 3.25 pulley on the white GS.