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Aug 1, 2003
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from my head

under hood ...
install pump by bumper on passenger side (with stainless feed hose pump installs head up , with black braided hose head down )
connect pump wire red to red black to black shield to switch at top of punp and connect white wire on pum ( ground ) to clean metal
remove coolant reservior and install alky bucket and connect ground wire to fender by battery - run tan into car with a green wire install new small coolant reservoir in front of battery
remove oe map sensor and install 3 bar map sensor
splice connect green wire to 3 bar map sensor B wire (green)
run pump cable , tan wire and a green around a/c box behind engine and into car through speedometer grommet hole

connect alky feed hose
install and connect alky pressure hose to inet pipe with nozzle above reservoir level

to wire up inside car
red led goes by your aftermarket boost gauge ... dont trust the oe because if it ever read right it will now read wrong with the 3bar map sensor
194 bulb with wires goes behind power injection on gauge cluster
led with tan wire goes behind low fuel in gauge cluster
let wires hang under dash by column
+ terminal on cube gets a spade terminal with 12ga pump red wire , boost gauge led red wire , power inj bulb red wire and low alky led red wire
- terminal gets a spade terminal with 12ga pump black wire and power inj lamp bulb black
pump shield wire gets wrapped and connected to power inj led black
low fuel led tan wire goes to alky bucket low sensor
green wire goes to pac controller green
violet and gray wires at PAC are for optional stuff and dont need to be connected just tape them off

lastly power it ..
red wire goes to a fuse block ign port which is a 12v switched source
black wire ground goes to a good ground ..there's a 10mm ground bolt next to courtesy lamp on back edge of dash board

controller cube get zip tied to underside of steering column
pac box gets tucked away under dash
control box gets pushed between dash and radio pod
set dial at 6 and turn key on engine off make sure led comes on
check green map wire at pac box connection for 1.6v key on engine off
hit test button and power lamp should light up dim boost gauge red led should come on and you should here pump buzz
low lamp should be on ..put alky in reservoir and see that it goes out
start car hit test button and after a fw seconds when the lines fill it should bog the engine
when you drive it red boost led should come on about 6psi

if you have digital dash install is a little more complicated but julio (alkycontrol.com) made it simpler these days ..just call him and get a map sensor harness

best advice just throw it away and order a new kit
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Thanks, my big concern was the shield wire from pump harness, so the way I read your post it goes to negative on cube?
Besides the simpler hook up, is there a difference from my kit to the newer?
I do see Julio offers a PAC Controller Vertical kit that appears has all the newer electronics, just no pump or reservoirs. I hate to pull all the wiring I just painstakingly ran through the car. I do realize I may loose some of the easy connection but it save some cash and rework of wiring. I sent email to Julio, waiting on response.