? on SMC KIT


May 27, 2001
Hey guys I've been reading up on this SMC kit and I'm about to join in on the group purchase. so far my 87GN runs 13.0@109 with 15psi of boost (pump gas) 2.0@60' 5lb boost launch. what times can I expect with this kit at let's say 21 or 22psi with proper traction. also, how many passes can you get on a full bottle when the spray turns on after 15lbs?

40# red stripes
ported heads and intake, hemco upper
206/206 cc
d5 (have'nt tried to lock it yet)
drag radials ( working on launch)
stock intercooler
93 JL chip
3in single shot and 3in dp

A lot :)

Ive used up half a bottle since wed's nite and that included 4 passes at the track and numerous testing trips around town :)
ROUGHLY speaking....

About a minute and a half of on time (above 10psi. or so boost) for me from a full tank to low alky. light comes on.