on the way back from dinner tonight


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Nov 24, 2001
tonight was my sisters 30th birthday and the family gathered at olive garden for some goot eatin!
after dinner (yum-yum) we headed out on a major road and hit this red light just before the highway. i look over and see a brand new car, kinda sporty lookin, i couldnt see what it was cause he was lined up right next to me.
i get the feeling that its going to be a race to get up to the next light, which looks to be a good 1/8th mile or better. :)
the cross traffic starts crossing in front of us and i start bringing up the rpm's,.. wait for the cross traffic light to turn yellow,..it does,.. then i start spooling the turbo hard, im antisipating the green light..
the light turns green, and we are off , i get a 1/2 car on the guy right off the bat and have the car floored immediately! i look over and see the same brand new silver car to my right, im not pulling away, and he is not getting past my back door ;)
i look closely at the guy, and for a few seconds i saw the fear in his eyes, stairing over at my car left to right... maybe it wasnt fear, maybe it was the look of confusioin!!!! :D

he had his girlfriend with him too. she was laughing cause he was getting beaten by a beater..
we get the cars up to about 75 or so, and i won the race :)
i let out and let him pass me.. i look to see what kinda car it was.
JETTA VR6 are these fast? lol i was driving with my dad, 300lbs, my mom, uhhhhh... she weighs the same as her senior year in highschool... YEAH RIGHT!!!
and me 215lbs
umm did i forget to mention we were in the bone stock 85 4door CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 2.2 TURBO?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
hahahahaha guess i need to mod that thing and go mustang hunting :)
Jetta VR6's are pretty decent...they have the V6 which is kinda wimpy but I think these cars run 16.0-16.5 stock with a stick. I'm surprised you beat him considering ur situation!

Yeah... those VR6s are pretty popular for turbo bolt-ons... then they get sick.