One-time ONLY- $2,400+free shipping on a BNIB Billet 3.625" crank!!


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You read the title correctly. RPS is offering 1 person the deal of a lifetime!

This is a brand new, untouched, wide journal billet 4340 steel crankshaft. It is a 3.625" stroke, and this crankshaft is made right here in the USA.

What separates this crankshaft from all the others, is that this uses the same material that was used to make Buick's Indy motor crankshafts.

Again, this is a BRAND NEW crankshaft for only $2,400 + FREE SHIPPING. If you figure a new Crower crank is $3,150 and shipping is typically between $100-$150, that would effectively put the cost of this crankshaft between $2,250 and $2,300. That is a savings of $850-$900!!!

Yes, you read that correctly, $2,400 + FREE SHIPPING for a BRAND NEW billet crankshaft. No gimmicks. No catches. This is the real-deal.

The material used to make these cranks is the same exact material SCAT used years ago when it would make the crankshafts for Buick's Indy motor program. Yes, SCAT made some of the crankshafts for Buick's Indy motor program. The material that was used to make those crankshafts is the same material used in the crankshaft I am selling.

For those who are seriously interested, please call or text me at 707 362 6030 or email me at
Thank you,

PS- I can promise you that you will never see a brand new, unmolested billet crankshaft of this caliber go for this low of a price ever again. This is a one-time special that I worked out with SCAT, and after this crankshaft is gone, so will the pricing.