Original 1987 Radio Bracket

is this wat ur talking about?


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is this wat ur talking about?

I've never seen one before. I have the concert sound din and 1/2 original radio. I need the original brackets, but I've never seen it or them before. I couldn't even confirm that it's two pieces and not a single rectangular piece.

I'll try to ask the guy that makes/updates the radios. Thanks for your help. Sorry to be a bit blind on this topic. It's odd to know what part you need, but not have an idea of what it looks like.

more than likely these are it these are for the factory delco stereos i just finished installing mine these brackets go on the side of the radio and are held in place by nuts then it just goes in the radio opening and u screw it into the metal framing that u see right where the radio goes into let me know if its wat u need