Original Spark Plug Wires F/S on Ebay

Kyle F

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May 24, 2001
Yep an original functioing set will be For Sale starting at 7pm tonight on ebay.

The listing is here

the link will not work until 9pm(EST) I guess.

So, any gueses to how high the bids might get?
Just curious, because I was looking for a set for my car. I don't recall seeing them on this site ? Thanx for the response. Turbota.
I will Half the shipping charge for any member of the board. Just let me know either on here or via email that you won them. Basically I will be covering insurance and boxing charge(I think).
Originally posted by Kyle F
Do they actuially say 20th Anniversary Trans Am on them?

Yes they do. I think they even have the metal shields on them. The box is in fair shape, but the contents are bagged and as new.
Originally posted by Gus_Mahn
What's a new set in the box worth?

Ohh those are hazardous waste.. careful with their handling.. better yet, send them to me for appropriate disposal.. :D

Ok I'll start 20.00 :D


PS.. things are only worth what someone is willing to pay.. How much..dunno.

BTW, Kyle whats the reserve on the wires?
Well, I saw a set go for a little over $400, so I set it a little over $300, but I guess it only matters if someone(or two) wants them. I guess Christmas was a bad time to sell. I will have to try again some other time and possibly lower the reserve.

I am by no means in a hurry to part with them.
If you had posted them here in the first place you might have sold them........I have tried to help owners of the TTA since I joined this site. Thats why I asked you in my FIRST reply to your thread if "you were selling them". Going to some place like E-Bay in the first place to sell TTA specific parts, in my opinion, is less than a participant on this site. We all try to " obviously with an exception" to help each other better our vehicles. Too bad - SO sad on your "NO-SALE". turbota. If this upsets you I am Not Sorry............
I feel I did right by the site. I posted they were up for sale in the TTA specific area.

Then, I left them open for not only the members, but any other person out there that might be interested in them for waht ever reason.

If you do not like ebay, thats your problem. I dont want a swarm of emails making me offers when I can just let ebay do it for me and not have to put up with the headache.

I am not worried about the no sale. I wasn't sure I was ready to part with them.

So, blow it out your Arse. I don't know what about this rubbed you the wrong way. The wires were fair game to anyone on the board that wanted them, and I was even cutting them a deal on shipping if they were a memeber.
Kyle F,
If you were hoping to get $300.00 for a used set you are on the high side. Start your reserve about half of that at least and try it again on ebay in a few weeks. Christmas is a terible time to get any activity.

- Dave