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Jun 25, 2023
Hi, any help would be appreciated. About a month ago after an hour of driving the car would start to overheat, just had an idiot light at that time but now have a proper gauge. Replaced the thermostat and radiator as well as a new fan. Went out today it was rock solid at 180 degrees the whole drive, then right around an hour and 15 minutes of driving the temperature started to rise. I was almost home, by the time I pulled into the driveway the temperature was 240 degrees and the reservoir was almost full. At a loss for what it could be.


Just a thought, do you have anything to monitor the knock sensor? I once had a weird overheating problem and it turned out that a lifter tick was tripping the knock sensor and retarding my ignition on the highway, and causing the car to overheat.
Turns out it was a head gasket, in the process of changing everything on the top end.
Looks like cylinder 5 was the problem, definitely leaking valve guides plus the piston was steam cleaned.