Own a piece of history - Tweaked is FOR SALE!


The Vanilla Gowilla
Own a piece of Buick history!

Car is for sale as a rolling chassis or turn-key. For those who don't know, this car was running in the 7second zone 15 years ago and is one of the most recognizable TRs out there. I would like for the car to stay in our Buick community if possible due to it's historical significance so I'm advertising it for sale here first.

It's been a lot of fun but I've decided it's time for something new after 15 years. I know I'll miss it when it's gone. I had the car sold a few years ago and backed out but this time it's got to go. New outlaw 25.3 car is under construction and will be coming home from the chassis shop soon so I need to make room.

Roller is as follows:

Mild steel full tube chassis originally built by Chapman Race Cars in Baytown, TX
2700# with driver in current V-6 configuration
16 point roll cage with funny car halo
Custom strut front suspension
Santhuff adjustable front shocks
Wilwood front disk brakes
Ford 9 inch rear end, Strange Aluminum Center Section with 4.30 pro gears, spool, Moser 35 spline axles
Santhuff double-adjustable rear coilovers
Custom 4-link rear suspension
Aerospace dual-caliper rear brake system
Complete stock dash with custom Autometer Pro-Comp gauges
One piece fiberglass front clip
Fiberglass lift-off doors
Fiberglass hood and decklid
Fiberglass rear bumper
Jaz 3 gallon pro stock fuel cell
Custom aluminum rear spoiler
Stroud air launcher parachute system with push button release on steering wheel
On board fire supression system
Lexan windows
Weld Drag Stars 15x15 rear, 15x3 front
Goodyear Eagle front runners 26"
Hoosier Slicks 33x17x16

This car runs on a string - just point it straight and GO!

I went though everything on this chassis last winter and replaced all the 4-link and wheelie bar rod ends with brand new QA1 chromoly heim ends, NEW rear brake rotors and pads, FRESH center section, NEW axle bearings and completely detailed the undercarriage.

Rolling Chassis - $17k

Turn key adds the following:

Stage II on-center built by Zimmerman Racing Engines
Moldex 3.625 crankshaft
Oliver 6.5 rods
Custom CP Forged Pistons
Custom solid roller cam
Stage II heads extensively ported by Chapman Racing
Jesel Rockers
Custom sheet metal intake manifold
160# Injectors
Dual SX regulators
Weldon 2035A Fuel Pump and Filters
External wet sump oiling system
MSD 7AL2 Ignition
MSD Pro-billet distributor
Custom liquid intercooler with Meziere remote pump
Meziere remote electric water pump
Precision 91.5mm F-trim large frame turbo
Custom equal length headers
Custom 5" downpipe
FAST XFI fuel management

Extreme Automatics Outlaw Turboglide transmission - BRAND NEW!
Precision Pro-Hydro Air shifter - BRAND NEW!
PTC Converter -BRAND NEW
Custom aluminum driveshaft with NEW yoke and U-joints

This engine is balls-on reliable and fresh with only about 10 hits on it since last rebuild. This is one of the most powerful Buick engines ever built!

This car has easy 7.50 capabilities with a good driver and track conditions. Car consistently 60fts in the 1.15 range with a best of 1.02. Last time out car ran 5.19 in the 1/8th on 19psi - engine is set up for up to 40psi so there is a WHOLE BUNCH left!

Turn-key price


You couldn't duplicate this car for twice the price. Pictures available for SERIOUS BUYERS. No tire-kickers - please don't waste your time or mine.




DAYYYUUUMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! Somebodies going to have one BAAAAAAD A$$ car!!!! Sorry to hear that you are selling it!
Dang what a car!

If you are selling this.... I really want to see what you are replacing this with!

I could never "replace" this car and I know I'll miss it when it's gone.

I've had this idea for a "street" car rattling around in my head for years now and finally decided to dive in. As with most of my car projects, it's snowballed out of control. New car is a 1970 GS under construction being built to SFI 25.3 specs with a twin turbo 455 LSx engine going under the hood. Check it out at http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/turbo-v8-conversions/321260-twin-turbo-buick-gs-project.html

Anything being sold by Will is first class all the way. Just hope if someone buys as a roller they keep a V-6 in it.

Thanks Mark. I really would like to see it stay in the Buick community with a V6 of some sort. I just don't think I could stand seeing it turned into a bracket car with a Chebby engine. I don't have to sell it - I just don't need two heavy hitter cars sitting in my shop.
Does anybody want to go FAST?

This car HAS TO GO!

Willing to consider any REASONABLE offers - key word being REASONABLE. No trades.
WOW. Lawrence Built Fear and I remember the models of Tweaked in his office and all over the place. Then I see tweaked II and that thing with its twin 91.5s running 6's. I always wanted tweaked, I have a model of it that Chris is holding for me. The only thing I got was one of the promod 91.5's off of Tweaked II and ued it on Fear today! Damn, would i give up my car in a heart beat for this one, but this is not the time and I do not have the extra $ to go with it in todays econo? If someone wants to buy Fear, I will sell her for $36k, no hassels, then you and I can talk if car is still around with some cash on top.:)
I saw "Fear" this weekend. I'm not trying to sound offensive, but I think it will need a few things before you get that kind of money out of it

TTY for will
Agreed Cal. Car isnt even half complete until Jan, Feb with Jan working his tail off. Once car is done, it will bring every penney and more. I have this car being redone and improved as we speak. Once complete, we will be turning up the wick, like you said i should have done months ago :)

Well, there's been a few interested parties but so far no one has shown me the money so one more round on here then I'll be advertising it on other forums. This is piece of TR history and I sure would like to see it stay in the Buick community.

Feel free to make a REASONABLE offer on either the roller or the turnkey package. I'll sell it either way. New ride is coming home soon so it needs to go.
Even if I had the money I would be afraid to buy such a legend of a car:tongue:

I think I need to go 9's before I go 7s!! hahaha

Good luck with sale....I use to love crackin a beer and watching that car on youtube!!!
Sure now its up for sale again after i built my car:rolleyes:
I wanted that car when it was up fore sale before but ended up building a money pit LOL.. I would have been money ahead plus had a car with some history:mad:
ROLLER needs to go.........new car coming home soon.

You can't build a tube car that runs on a string like this one for this price.

$13k takes it - no trades.

Includes liquid intercooler and radiator