PAC alky control install issue


high on gas fumes
Just wanted to bring this thread back for anyone considering using an older controller. It's not worth using an old controller when so much is at stake(your motor). Not to mention, the older kit had 3 components that all had to work together(PAC, small box with relay built in, and a square deal that had a glass fuse). More parts to fail. My old kit was from Oct, 2004 and recently started failing. The gain knob in the PAC had to be turned up all the way to even get 60 psi from the pump. Lasted an incredible 18 years, so props to Julio for building a quality piece. Still, new tech and peace of mind is well worth the $190.
Hmmm. Never heard of that. Have you been rebuilding the pump every couple years?
Nothing against updating the system but pump needs regular attention and pressure verification. Just regular Maintenance.
Good move.