paging control??


I am hooking up the cruise control on my 86 LImited. It is completely wired for it, but I am having trouble finding the connector for the brake/vacuum switch. The only loose connecter I can find is a blue one with a white and gray wire, but that connector in no way will fit the switch. Maybe it was tucked away somewhere and I simply didn't see it. I have verified the switch pn, and am wondering if you could tell me the color wires I am looking for, or anything else that could help me. Thanks very much.

The two wires for the cruise cutoff on the brake switch are gray and brown.

This is from the '87 service manual however, colors could be different but most likely aren't.

There may be a purple and a pink/blk stripe wire as well that would be for the TCC solenoid that also works off the brake switch.

Open circuit with the brake pedal depressed.
Well, the two wires in the picture are indeed gray and brown, but this connector will never fit on the switch. Am I missing a pigtail? The switch # is readily visible, and is the same as the picture in the shop manual. The blue connector is what looks different.

Just discovered the cruise module that is under the dash is missing! Wiring and bracket is there but no module. Time to place another post in "Parts Wanted".