Paint or Por15 on frame

Jims project

Jims project
Feb 23, 2008
which is the best way to go, paint or por15 or both? powdercoating is out of my budget..what have you all done?
i did the por-15, make sure you get the hardner not just the paint. used it on my gn, and we use it at work on escalator units that are outside (elevator mech)
After doing the POR, which is a great product, I would have to say go ahead and powdercoat. You will only have it down to bare frame once in the car's life (hopefully), so go ahead and spend the extra effort and money. That's one of the things I would do differently if I had to do it over again.
I had mine powder coated and looks great. I dont think you could get at all the places without taken the body off with por 15 or fix rust. I can tell you first hand info. If your frame is still good and no rust through issues,I would keep your frame and have it powder coated.(Do not exchange it with another frame that has been powder coated or you will have problems. I did this and found out the donor frame was bent)I now have another frame thats strait
I did POR on my frame but I don't like the fact that there were many spots that i could not reach. So, I'm going to have it powdercoated. It's about $400.
I could have had mine powdered for 400. That was with blasting. I wish I would have done it. I was more budget minded then and did por 15. It did turn out nice. I took a wire wheel on a grinder and took A LOT of surface rust off before hand to give it a "smooth" look