Paint & recalls


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Oct 13, 2002
Heard that gm recalled a bunch of w bodied cars. Regals??

Also just wondering if anyone is having trouble with the paint peeling away on your regal? My is a 98 regal gs.


The only thing I have noticed is the rubber strip on the roof is starting to crack.
I just received a recall notice for 1996, 1997, and 1998 Buick Regals for a condition where the lower pinion bearing in the power steering gear may seperate. I think it is recall notice b03062-s. My paint has been fine.
paint recall?????????????/

just took mine in for the steering one, they had to replace everything, took them 5 days

gotta love the delaers
I just experienced my paint peeling. I was asking, as a friend said his gp was on a recall. I couldn't find his recall # though. I hoped somebody out here had some info.

The paint is peeling on your '98???? Oh man!!!! Bummer. I checked with a friend of mine that has a '94 Regal. His paint is peeling bad, nothing left on the roof at all. Mine is starting to go that way as well (I have a '95 regal). My friend said that the recalls on our cars ended in '99 and '00. Hopefully you can still get yours taken care of.

Mine is peeling under the rear quarter, i just noticed this today. What the hell was GM thinking, peeling paint, unreal.