Paint Tech.... Black colors with hidden surprises...Help!


May 23, 2001
Hey everyone,
I have also posted this message in the lounge, so no need to read it again if you read it there... For those who havent, please read!My GN is all disassembled, drivetrain pulled, interior removed, pretty close to being ready for paint. The car is coming down to bare metal and is being painted in pieces. I am putting all new weatherstrips and bumperfillers on the car as well as all new GM emblems. I am paying big money for the paintjob, but hopefully I will get what I pay for as I plan on doing this once and only once. I have faith in the paint shop doing this, as they have turned out some KILLER work before. Anyways, in an effort to be a little different, I don't want to paint the car straight black. I would like it to be as deep of a black as possible, but I would also like to see some blue pearl or metalflake in the paint. I was wondering if anyone out there knows of some OEM colors that are black but have a very subtle metalflake or pearl in them??? I have heard that mitsubishi as well as Cadillac have used such colors, but I am not sure what the paint codes or vehicle applications were. The shade I am looking for is something that looks extremely BLACK, but if the sun hits it just so, you will be able to see the luminesence of a pearl or metalflake in it. Just something to set the car off, as I am using a blue theme throughout the engine compartment. (plug wires, intercooler hoses, etc.) I want to stay with an OEM color (doesnt necessarily have to be GM or anything) so that I know if I need to match the paint sometime in the future, I won't be needing a custom colormatch to make for a perfect match. If anyone has any color codes or vehicle application suggestions, I would really appreciate it! My painter just wants me to let him know what colors I am interested in so he can get me some samples to pick from. I would like to get as many suggestions as possible so I have a wide variety to pick from. Hopefully someone out there has what I am looking for.
try looking at a mercedes dealer if you can, i was at the NY auto show and there was a nice AMG S55 that had a cool black with a subtle metalflake in it.

give it a shot, worst thing is you dont like what you see at the dealer

Gino, check out the selection from House of Kolor's manufacturing line. They have a pretty unique (although pricey) line of paints along the lines of what you're looking for.
I know mid 90s Honda civics had a metallic black (painted one). There are a few others, usually imports (Japan and German)

If you are wanting the Blue effect to the black (light shimmers) you'll want to spray a blue pearl coat over a black base coat. This will also give the black a fine metallic finish also. You won't see the blue except when sunlight or street lights "higlight" it...very nice touch. If you want the blue effect with out the metallic look shoot candy blue over the black.
Mr bro-in-law bought a 2000 Honda Accord EX coupe new. It looked black to me until I got right up on it in the sun, then you could see the blue. Stop by a dealership and see if they can show you one. When he told me it was dark blue, I didn't believe him until I really looked. HTH.
I work as a painter. I painted my car 3 years ago and wanted a different look like you do. I end up tri- coating the car. Basically it is the same as a white pearl paint you see on a Caddy or Lexus. The one aspect I really like about the tri-coat is that, you only see it in direct sunlight or at night under street lights. What I did was spray the black, then apply 3 coats of pearl to the car. I chose violet and fine blue pearl. Generally blue pearl is fairly coarse. So it will dominate if you mix it with another flake color. Three coats may sound like alot, but in the mix ratio I used it turned out great. I mixed 3 grams of violet. With 2 grams of fine blue pearl, in a gallon can. I then added 3 quarts of binder and balancer to make up the mixture. Most paint systems only slightly differ today, your bodyshop tech will translate the info I provided. This method should give you the look you desire. And it is fairly easy to apply.

OMG that is funny. Good to see I'm not the only one getting tired of post after post of PT-51 stuff. Will it ever stop?:rolleyes:
My '86 GN came from the factory w/ metalic black paint. This was an error on GM's part and I recieved $1500 from Buick to take care of the repainting expenses. The car still has it's original paint sans the top of the trunk lid (laquer cracks). I'll take original paint over repaint if I have the choice so I took the cash and ran. Besides, the metalic looks cool and Ive had alot of comments on it! Brian GSCA
Interesting information I learned from paint guru is that the way Benz gets their black to look so deep is to add a small % of blue to it.

As stated before look at paint used by MBenz.

Deep Enough

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