painting the gas tank


May 18, 2010
Over this coming weekend I will be dropping the fuel tank and replacing the full pump. While the tank is out I wanted to spruce it up a bit. Will it be safe to do some light sanding and painting without blowing myself up?:) Is there a paint that is recommended for this type of application? How about just using an undercoating instead? Any tips/precautions would be appreciated.

There is a thin zinc coating on the tank that will be damaged with a rough sandpaper. Suggest you use a fine steel wool and you may find the zinc shines enough to forgo painting.
I used Steel wool then dusted it off, hit it up with engine enamel(sliver)

I should have used black but it came out good, looks great(few years after)
I used a Scotch Brite pad on mine. Eastwood sells fuel tank paint in a can and I heard it was good stuff. You have to order it online though. Nobody carries it locally. Did you look at my tank when you dropped by? I undercoated it. I like how it came out. Nice and stealth. It's kind of soft though. We'll see how it holds up in the long run.
Thanks for the tips. I think I will look into getting black engine enamel and using steel wool to prep it. Mike, the undercoating on your gas tank looked really sharp so it's a toss up between the undercoating and enamel but leaning towards the enamel. RegalT has me somewhat convinced after hearing his has held up for a few years.
Instead of starting a new thread, I'll ask in this one. I have the racetronix harness and walbro pump. The harness has 2 connectors on the end, one goes to the sending unit, is the other one used at all? Is it for a double pump configuration? Also I have a digital dash and the fuel gauge doesn't work, it always reads anywhere between 14 and F even if I am on fumes. What should I look for when I pull out the sending unit?