palm os scan tool (visor,palm pilot)



Has anyone out there used the palm os software for a scan tool? If so how well does it work? And do you recomed it or another tool?

I am thinking about buying this for my visor handheld but wanted to see if there are any users out here.

Here is a link

It says it's OBDII only, so it wont work with the Turbo Regals which are pre-ODB(anything).

Interesting concept though, and I've left a message, to see if they can make a cable to hook up to my Kyocera Smartphone
I work on so many cars the OBDII thing sliped my mind- Anyone have tis software for other cars?

I think someone already asked this question, and some else responded with "Ring.....Ring.... Hey, this is your car calling, can you get some higher octane fuel or turn down the boost" or something like that...................Had me rolling!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D