Parachute mounting pics


Feb 11, 2008
Looking for pics of Parachute's mounted through rear license plate door??Does it need to be tied to the frame or can it be tied to the roll bar???????
How about this? I've got more of same car from different angles if you want.


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so the crossbar is tide to the frame rails,where does the parachute mount bracket tie? to the top of the crossbar????
theres a stub welded to the top of the tube that runs through the bumper about the point where the kickers are welded. Its got a quick release pin so it can be removed and the tube that goes through the bumper has been worked so it's now like a reciever with a bolt through it so it too can be removed. A chrome vinyl magnet over the hole in the bumper and nobody can tell.

a pic of the parts to it removed to give ya an idea, the other 2 tubes are for the window net