Part # for UX1 Option

Kent Buckles

I am trying to replace the am/fm cassette w/ 5 band equalizer in my 1987 Buick GN ( option UX1 ) I have a chance to buy one that appearance wise is the same but I did not know if the hook-up would be the same. The part # is 16169225. I only know that it is from a mid to late 80s GMC. If not the same model, is there an adapter available. THANKS, Kent:confused:
The 1.5 din head units from GM are the same if they are the mid '80s models and up including the early F-body cars starting in '82, as far as hook up they will be the same unless it is a Delco Bose which requires an external amplifier.

Pull your original out and compare the female plug ins on back of head unit. They also have the same wiring code that is stamped on the back of head unit.
Well Radio sold for around $105 dollars so I did not end up getting it afterall. It was on E Bay. Just before I left my first post the other night I was out bid on a CORRECT radio with equalizer that went for $42, I know that is an un-real price and this one was rebuilt with a warranry. I am still looking for one if you see one or know of any leads. Thanks again, Kent
Check your salvage yards for the newer GMs, not sure what your price range is but they usually have them in stock (at least in my area).