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Dennis Kirban

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Less than one hour to show time:

Quick thoughts:

One can only hope that both candidates remember that they are auditioning for the Presidency of the United States and not doing an audition for Saturday Nite Live.
My wife just returned from a business trip to Germany and oddly enough they are broadcasting the debate as well. The world has taken interest.
I'll wait till tomorrow & read about the results. That way I will only vomit in my mouth once.

Instead of having a debate, Trump should just throw a bucket of water on Hitlery & watch her melt.

It was two school girls fighting for the biggest Tampax! If only Trump would stop and THINK before he says anything.....his quick flying off the handle will really cost him the presidency.....then we'll have this awful, ugly, controlling, lying crook for the next four years! With a matching awful, ugly, controlling, lying crook.

I'm really upset about this, too.

If only Bill O'Rielly was running for president.....this guy is honest, so intelligent and doesn't mince facts.....he's always to the point and never lies......a pure straight shooter. Plus a hell of a lot of common sense....(sigh) I'll just have to be content on reading his excellent history books.

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