Parting out my GN


Sep 25, 2008
Front-end is crushed, but i have many parts on this car that are still good, let me know what you need, im not 100% sure what im keeping and whats going but once i figure it out at least ill have a list of people interested in items, so let me know and ill make a list. Tell me what you need.
i just signed up today so i guess i cant PM. but i am in NJ and was wondering what shape your headliner is in? also im looking for the driver side back cloth panel right under the window. email me if you are looking to get rid of these pieces!
nah go rid of the old headliner it was shot. i was in the process of restoring this car b4 it got wrecked.
Sorry to hear of the bad luck Kid. Hope you find a new toy to put the train in or another "train".
Very Interested in the car, I also live on long and heard about the accident through my buddy. These cars are talk of the town usually. I Pmed you, Please give me a call.
gn parts

looking for an excellent condition Drivers side A-pillar panel. You know, the plastic piece that everyone puts dual gauges on. I need a nice clean undamaged one. Let me know.

do you have a driver rear bumper filler?
paint condition doesn't matter as long as its not cracked.