Parts for sale with pictures...finally!


43lb injectors with Commander chip $180 shipped
I/C Fan with attachment bracket $30 shipped
Shifter console plate $35 shipped
Hotair TB with TPS and vacuum block $50 shipped
High volume pump cover WITHOUT oil filter adapter $60 shipped
Turbo actuator 2 port off 85' GN $35 shipped
Turbo 400 9inch convertor 4000 stall $200 shipped:cool:
Stock rocker arms and shafts $35 shipped
D5 convertor; known good, changed to stall.
Not all pictures would fit, e-mail for missing pictures at or PM.


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TH 400 9inch convertor!

This convertor was in a friends 34' Ford coupe with a big block. Over the course of ownership he changed the motor and trans combinations around and ended up having this left over. it worked great in the car with the original set up, the car was scary fast. Since removing it, it sat in storage in his shop, when he decided to sell it, we tried to find out what kind it was to no avail. these are the numbers on the convertor, if you can help identify it, great. I'm sure, either way, $200 is a great price for a 9 inch stall. Let me know if any is interested or if anyone knows what these numbers indicate. Thanks for any interest and/or help, John Lynn.:confused: ....23209...87001-6J 870Z There is one other set of 'numbers' with what appears to be a backwards 6 with an S next to it?
Turbo actuator 2 port off 85' GN $35 shipped
Hotair TB with TPS and vacuum block $50 shipped
If you can verify TPS and actuator are good PM me.