people wonder why it looks stock. hahahahaha.

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I have a 95% stock looking 83 t-type and the only reason it isn't 100% is because I have bfg's with whitelettering out. Of course it is only stock appearing. Anyway I got outta work tonight and one of my customers pulled up. He is about 19-21 years old and he was trying to talk me into putting on custom wheels and custom paint and loud exhaust and so on and so on. I told him I wasn't going to do that. He asked me why and I told him that I didn't need to attract cops. He drives a 75 nova with meats on the back, flowmasters, built 350, b&m megashifter, and custom wheels. Well anyway my car got warmed up and he told me to light them up. I set the line-lock and jumped on it at the same time he did. about that time a cop pulled into the parking lot and who do you think he went after? well i am here typing this and he is probably still talking to that cop. Why? because mine is just a quiet regal, it couldn't have done that.
HAHA, I like that!

I hear ya, thats why I like my lil S-10, looks stock, except for the wheels, and has its mods, but will light em up for days.

And i've never been busted by a cop in it either!
Now you see why I put the 455 Buick in my 83 regal wagon.

I'll have to post some pictures so you can see just how ugly it is.

the interior is completly stock looking, but I have the adjustble shift light that is hooked up to the MSD box hidden in the vent in the dash.

From the outside it does have the centerline pro stars on it but people think I'm just a dork with nice wheels on a crappy wagon, Let them think all they want . Lets run 'em.
And by the way I'll be doing the same with my GN or T-type when I get one, Ya it's just a stock V6 let's run 'em.

I have bfg 205/70r14's on the front and 245/60 r14's on the back. I had my heads ported and polished, Elgin cam, double roller timing, crank chamfered, oil passages in the block opened up alittle, bored .040 over, decked .010, and adjustable wastegate. most of the specs came outta the Buick Powersource book put out by the engineers of the buick racing engines.;)
Originally posted by Turbojorge
Stock, thats the way to go.;)

I even have the 235's in the back. (ask me how long they last)

I still have the 215's on all 4's on mine. :eek:

Not sure if I'm going to go that route when I need tires next. ;)