Performance Parts For Sale - ATR, XFI, DP, ALRADCO, SLIC, 70GTQ, AC

Prices Updated - 6/11/2013
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---Still Available---

Brand New - Alradco Extreme Fans with PowderCoat Black Shroud - $420

---Sold or Pending---
Brand New - Still in the Box - ATR Cat Back Exhaust w/Pitbull Mufflers - SOLD
Brand New - FAST XFI 2.0 - Only opened for inspection - Comes with 02 sensor - SOLD
Brand New - GBodyParts 3" Downpipe - Internal Gate, Larger Puck - SOLD
Alradco Radiator - SOLD
Brand New - PTE Stretch Location Intercooler - SOLD
Brand New - Razors AlkyControl Kit - New - Single Nozzle - Unused - SOLD
Used - 70GTQ Turbo (No Shaft Play / Great Turbo) - SOLD
Brand New - NOS A/C Lines - SOLD
best shot i have of it tonight. no damage - just bolted on for fitment. no exhaust run through as engine was never fired.


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Curious as to why the sell of all these goodies? Especially all that new stuff.

Are you leaving the buick family?
I am leaving for a while. Kind of burned out. Selling my SS Project in parts. I have tons more here too. Just trying to get what I can up for sale in a managable manner. I sold 7 cars that I have been taking care of for the last 2-8 years. We are moving to a new city and will be losing my 8 car garage in favor of a 2 car and I just can't see going nuts after having everything at my finger tips in the current garage.

I have a well built TSM setup that has never been fired. Check my other posts, and you will get an idea of just how much stuff I have over here. All of it is pretty much new!