Phil aka "PaCemkr86"


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Apr 5, 2007
Wanted to publicly thank Phil, and share my pleasent buying experiance with the rest of the TR community....
Here's a pic of my BIG T63E turbo courtesy of Phil Underood!

After calling Phil and asking tons of questions about different turbo's... He sent me a t63e says check it out see if you like will give you an idea of what you want.....and if you like it I'll make you a sweet deal on took me well over a month to get the thing put on!...I tried to pay for it since it was taking so long, he would not accept....wanted me to make sure I liked it. And of course I do..who doesn't want to go faster....he set me up with it for only 2 bills!! Phil's a stand up guy, always willing to help and loves to talk Buicks!
yep phil is one of the best!!! bought a test pipe and cut out from him. fast shipping and great stuff. top shelf seller thank's again phil you the man. dickie