Philly Street 1994-1995

Hahaha wonder street racing is soo much more dangerous now...Our cars are about 2-5x more powerful haha

If I had a Time machine just for a giggle I would take a stout 9/10 second regal of today back to the early 90s and be a king for a night ;)
You're right. Take a THS car or a TSA car there and make more cash than you pockets could hold. I remember in Chicago from 1995-1998 a high ten or low 11 second car was feared on the Street. Unless you had a big block with nitrous street car, you were the underdog. If you had a BB on spray you better not let that Buick move first. Guess that's one of the reason I liked them.
I miss those days here in MA. We'd have 50 to 100 race cars out on the weekends for years and there was never a wreck either.

Those were the good ole days of philly street racing - 300-400 cars out on a saturday/sunday night racing 4 abreast until 3-4 in the morning.

I used to roll into work on Monday smelling like rubber and thinking about mods for the next weekend.

Wish I had a GN back then, they used to terrorize my 12 second 5.0 mustang

The big money trailer car races were the best...
I wish I was out back then, only 6 then haha...Now a days tho theirs GTR's, Porsche's, and all the other expected racers (Sti, Evo, honda's, DSM's). Not at Holestein tho, found some nice little roads around the city
Used to go to maple grove every year for the fastest street car shootout ...back then my buddy had a red Chevy powered duster , we would stay up in pottstown ,some street racing up there. The one time we went to philly it was sketchy as hell... One place we went was right off an off ramp from the highway. Two lane street ,cars parked on both sides,people all over the place ,and cars racing down the middle. Wtf? My buddy ended up racing a silver bigblock nova , that scene was sketchy too ,dudes with guns talking shit and when the race did go down, they got busted by the cops. These were low 9 sec cars , cops busted our balls but let them go. Good times, crazy but something ill never forget.
My buddy still has the duster, but now it sports lime green paint and a 700+ cid big block Chevy on lots o spray,knocking on 7sec