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Jun 8, 2006
just a few parts i have for sale if you dont see anything you need just ask have alot more for sale.
1.pair of new gn fender emblems. $25 ea
2. door handles $10. ea
3.visor for scan master $20
4.gn center cap $10
5.new mystery theft deterrent system $25
6.gas cap $5
7. 86 t-type emblems $20 pair
8.intercooled emblems $10 ea
9.grill 86 t-type $75
10.grill 86 gn $125
11.grill 86 regal $60
12 visors $10 pair
13.test pipe $35
you pay all shipping (PLEASE NO P-M EMAIL ONLY)


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Will you take 20 bucks shipped for the T-type emblems. Since they need to be painted anyay. Also I'm interested in the T-type Grill. Can you post some pics specifically of that so i can see what kinda shape its in.
all items are still for sale no one is locked in yet
other buick stuff for sale just ask.
thanks john:biggrin:
86 t-type grill

there is one small scuff in chrome if you can see it


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here you go


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LOL........ already got 2 sets of those in my garage.

If you have anymore intercooled emblems let me know.

intercooled emblems are SOLD
NO P-Ms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess being the first to respond " I want them " and an email to match asking where to send payment doesn't lock you in??? Same goes for the intercooled emblems. Thanks for being such an honest gentelman :/
sorry if i pissed any body off but i was up to my eyeballs with people wanting stuff that some people fell through the cracks.
sorry my bad!:mad:
gn center cap

I'll take the GN center cap and the Scanmaster visor if you still have it.
Send me payment info.