Pics 2004r Billet Output Shaft


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Epi Telous


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ok anyone else ?ill do 2 more.brian email me and ill shoot you the info i dont have paypl.

Did you get rid of paypal?
I have seen you tell people to pp here before. Maybe you don`t like to pp any longer. It would make life easy.

I would take 2 this way.:eek::)
Sorry for being difficult here.

I got them a few days ago. They look nice.
A minor tweak or 2 is needed. We need to drill the hole for the thrust button. And the splines are a bit tight for the yoke, otherwise nice pieces.

Thanks, Brian
Thanks,I made them for use with a Torrington bearing so didnt drill the cups.Phil I will send you another this week with a return tag for the 1 I sent.