Pics of the bigmouth instal


Nov 13, 2009
Disco_STU is doing all the basic perf mods.. chip/injectors/fuel pump/hotwire/power plate/FP reg/boost controller. I cant wait to drive this thing, it was limping when I got it to him w/a bad fuel pump and a boost solenoid problem.



now is the time to put an ls1 /lt1 MAF sensor on the car :cool:

Bad maf sensor will make the car stumble an act like the fp is going out also
And, that's why it was running so rich also I bet. Well, I appreciate the heads-up, I just dont know these cars as well as I should.
What is the preference, LS1 or LT1 MAF...

I have stock maf with 9" K&N filter, and wrote to Eric and he mentioned my maf numbers on scan tool were bit high...

where is link about maf and translator set up?
Great catch Dave!!! I was too busy looking at the eye ball BTW very clean engine compartment GlockandRoll:cool:

Thanks, disco stu actually donated one to the cause.
My car is running so damned smooth right now, we are getting 25psi detonation free. I love this chip/alky setup!!