Pinks All Out in Belle Rose, LA

The Blob

Amorphous... totally
May 25, 2001
Did anyone else go to that yesterday?

I have never actually seen Pinks All Out so I was expecting to see the lame-ass crapmobiles like on regular Pinks. Wrong!

There were over 400 cars and almost all of them were fast... there were a lot of cars in the 9's, some in the 8's, and I saw at least one 7-something run.

There were several death machines... vehicles so small and fast that you'd have to be crazy to drive them... the best being the Geo Tracker running high nines... but the most incredible thing all day was the Suburban that ran 9.5.

What a fun day!
I was planning on going, but I had to work. Blob where are you from?
Hey, would ya'll know anything about a 3 day (inaugural) car show in the New Iberia are sometime in May?
I was there for the Friday TnT and it was PACKED!!!! Had between 450 to 500 cars including the Exploding GTO!!!! It was truly a good time, even just the TnT.