Piston's and rings?


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Alright I've my motor stripped down and the block honed. I'm looking for some kind of information on pistons and rings? I dont have a clue on which brand I should get. I know I want forged cause they can with stand abuse"nitrous,alky,street/strip". Any info would help. If anyone runs the forged pistons that poston
sells how do you like them? Would you recomend them?

Normally the question would be easy. TRW forged pistons with Speedpro rings. It'a a cheap and reliable combo that everyone's using. But with TRW getting taken over and rumors that they won't be making pistons for the 3.8 Buick for a while, I don't know what to recommend. There's always JE or Wiseco for $600.
The BEST answer is JE anyway

The JE piston is far superior to the TRW. The JE piston has forced oil fed to the wrist pin so the pin won't sieze, the wrist pin and the piston are lighter, to relieve strain on the rod and crank, the JE piston is stronger by design and material. By the time you have the TRW drilled for force feed wrist pin oiling, and have it pin fitted, it will cost as much as the JE, and it will still be heavier, and it will still have the heavier wrist pin. I'm telling you this and I have a brand new set of TRW L2481F 0.030 pistons and a set of B&B tool steel wrist pins sitting on the shelf at the shop. Eventually, I'll do all the extra machine work, and put them in an engine, but the customer who is getting a new engine built right now is getting a new set of JE's, because it is the best piston for the engine.

As far as rings, a set of Speed Pro single moly file fit rings with the MEDIUM (NOT low) tension oil ring is as good as you can get. With properly finished bores and properly file fitted gaps (call Speed Pro tech line) they will do an excellent job.
I went to autozone and picked up a set of "badger"pistons for mine.They are specific to the turbo motor and although not advertised as such they are hyperuetectic type pistons.I run it hard and have not had any trouble.They are pretty lightweight and run quiet too.They are not the best piston by far but for $150.00 they do just fine,so if you are on a budget and you ain't pushing 400+hp then these are the ones.