pittsburgh members!!!!

Unfortunately my GN appears to have been bounced off the sides of a tunnel and poorly puttied & then spray painted. He told me $6000 to start.

You guys should check out norwin hills... Off the pa turnpike at irwin... We usually have a few turbo buicks out..sat evening...
Figured I'd pop in here, haven't been on the board since I sold my Limited last Dec. I'm setting myself up for an ass kicking, but I bought a *cough* '03 Mustang GT *cough* a few weeks ago. I'll be the first to admit the Buick would smash it, but hey, it's a 5 speed and sounds good. Kind of like a Harley, damn if they don't sound good but can't back it up :p

Sure I'll see you guys around, maybe next spring when Norwin kicks back into gear. No intentions on "showing" the thing, just to go check out other people's stuff like I always have :D
Hey guys just wanted to let you all in there is a dyno day in pittsburgh this weekend. Hope you guys feel like coming or even strapping your cars down. Heres the details.

Dyno Days are an awesome time to meet and greet, hang out and listen to high horsepower cars rattle off huge numbers. This will be our first Dyno Day ever with the new in house DynoJet Dyno. It is 2wd so no awd monsters sorry guys. On with the details...

All FWD and RWD cars can be dyno'd including Diesels, quads, bikes, hell even lawn mowers...why not.
$50 Gets 3 pulls with a printout of HP,TQ, and AFR.
Also we will be having a Horsepower Challenge! $10 Buy-in Winner takes ALL!

This Saturday, September 10th, starting at 9am and ending at 10pm. If we can't fit everyone in we are going to continue the dyno day into Sunday as well with the same hours!
184 Thorne Run Rd, Export PA 15632
724 681 7430
so whats every one plans for their car this somewhat of a winter.....
im going lite l....s1 maf and translator
new shifter handle..my dumbass broke it when putting new carpet in
and i need a new GN computer..have a loaner now anyone local have a good spare for sale
also need to do famous weld to manifold
i need to get my gnx cluster installed.. i hear there is an issue with the fuel gage so i need to find out prior to installing it and having a problem.. i got to get in touch with jason, i havent head from him since summer..want to see how he is making out with his car..
I'm about 30 miles or so south of Pittsburgh, would like to come hang out some time or meet up at car shows. Be nice to learn a bit more on these cars. So I'm in. :)
Well I have a list of things that I want to do, not sure, how long it will take. I work way too much lately.

Install 8pt roll bar
Design, fabricate and install new vacuum port on top of throttle body
Route all new vacuum lines
Install HID kit
Fabricate and install larger puck on down pipe
Mill larger hole in turbo housing
Design, fabricate and install computer stand
New wheels and tires

Either I have the money and not the time or lots of time and no money….I guess the second choice is better.
I'm actually goin to take the engine out of the Gn and replace valve springs, timing chain, fix exhuast leak on pass side, clean out intercooler, and replace all vacuum lines paint everything back to factory colors to make it look new again. reinstall it back in the car and wait for the city to clean the roads and start driving it. kinda excited




o ya there was one more in the garage!!!!!

and next to that was this rico suaveaaaaaaaa fool
we all member this thing it took one hell of a ass beating if enterprise rented turbo buicks this was one that got murdered

good ol boy beeobeeeeee...happy earth day