pittsburgh members!!!!


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Oct 21, 2001
are there any out there!! i know of 3 on here!! need to all meet up if more and get a big turbo buick cruise!! lata greg

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what up ed long time no see how's the car running!!..missed the pittspeed wet t shirt heard it was good though!!
hi not sure if i met u or not!! but we all cruise around..maybe we can meet up when it gets nice and all cruise race or whatever!!
Pittsburgh members here!


Spank here! We got 2 more pittsburgh members here! ;) I got a 85 GN that is under construction and my buddy (mark Smith) has a 87 GN that hes drives! WE are both from the Irwin area... approximately 30 minutes East of Pittsburgh. More out here than you think...... :)


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hey greg whats up.....joe here wit silver t from shawn....in pgh too (monroeville).......... it is almost ready....got outside ready now just tune in and gonna do int over winter. 2 1/2 y/o more important right now....whats new you going to salem?...we are going on 12th fri night i think and maybe sunday depending on weather...lemme know. shawn said he is gonna be there....feels good to finaly get this thing on the road...long 4yrs......but worth it.......ok later man
what up joe havent seen u in awhile! i did alot of work to mine since! needs tuned waiting shawn of course..but i have been playing with this gtp its lots of fun! hows john doing did he get anthor car yet? lata
i'm about 30 miles west of pittsburgh on the ohio side. i just picked up my first 87 GN last week......would love to hang out with some other fellow members.

U goin to the BPG Nationals @ Quaker City? Its this weekend! Should not be too far from you... A lot of GN guys will be there... can pick our brains on some stuff! Hope to see some PA guys there!


i'll be up there on saturday morning to pick up some parts from another board member and maybe browse the swap meet for some parts. unfortunatley, i have to work at noon so i won't get to spend much time there. :(
JUST CALL OFF!!! This only haqppens once a year man! GOnna miss all the racing.... doesnt start until 3:00 or so.