Pizza Cruise 3-26-17 SUNDAY

rafael vasquez

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OK its on Pizza Cruise Sunday 3-26-17

lets meet at home Depot parking lot 8:30 then leave at 9:30 AM
to Round Table Pizza in Santa Ana where will eat all the pizza and salad we can!!

Bring a Buick friend every one with a turbo Buick is invited.
bring the family we love having everyone there...

Home Depot
2450 Cherry Ave
Signal Hill, CA 90755

Round Table Pizza
2860 S Bristol ST,
Santa Ana, CA 92704

lets all park in rear of the building
if you have any questions please call
Gran Beto 562479-4969
87Nash JOE 310 213-2906
Im in! should we promote this cruise on the Facebook members page? or no? might get more cars there...just a thought.
made this flyer for you ralph, please let me know if its cool and if you want any changes.
Ralph I heard that ICE is staking out that home depot there is a good chance we could lose half the Buick owners attending. This would be an unacceptable loss to the community so I beg you to reconsider the location :wacky:
sooo...should i change the flyer to meet at Lowe's? hahah damn Lou why you always gotta be right? its ok ICE aint looking for asian buick owners, they kind of don't even exist.
Yes I had a little panic attack I just don't ever want to be faced with a situation of a day without a Mexican I just don't think I could handle it
You are all my Turbo Buick brothers. Every one of you. This is something I take very seriously. We can have fun here. We can cut loose here. I just want to make sure that whatever is posted here is to make us closer. not divide us. Sorry if I'm reading too much into this crap. I'm kind of in shock that we wont have Rudy anymore. :(

Here's from last April.

Ralph, Let me know if you want me to update the map I did for last time. I think I just need to put Home Depot on it.

Mike B.
Cool. Pete's (Petes on Earth) is working up a Bates flyer. I wont post up about Bates until after this cruise.

Thanks Ralph.:)
Let me know if this map works and I'll make up a bunch to take.

Mike B.


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