Pizza crusie 4-24-16 SUNDAY let's do it!!

I saw some Buicks get lined up next to and behind a bike at Warner. How'd that go down. I was 5 cars back and couldn't see.

Thanks Ralph and thanks Mike for such a good get together. Last time I was at one of these was maybe 2006!! Me and my son had a great time and everything was seemingly well until I spotted some nut job trying to jump from a roof!!:eek:


He went on to mumble something along the line of, "my Buick is driving me nuts"or something to that affect. I'm glad Gary made it too, see you guys again. :cool:
I wish I could take credit for this event. This one was all Ralph and crew. I just showed up to take a few pictures and eat some pizza.:)
Big thanks to Ralph for carrying on the tradition that was started a while back and for hosting the event with a great smile, it was nice to see old faces and mingle for a few every year, keep up the good work..
Mr W.
Outstanding pictures. That last one of the rear view mirror is my favorite. I've never seen a shot like that.

We gotta do something fun with this pic. It's just too cool. Yo 87NATIONAL. How about posting it in the lounge for a photo caption contest? :)
Dang! Daughter had soccer game. I'll be out of town for Bates this year too. I'll have to catch up at the swap meet if that happens this year.

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