Pizza crusie 4-24-16 SUNDAY let's do it!!

Unfortunately my cam sensor had some play in it do I decided to take it off and check it out and what I found I wanted to just put it back on and ignore what I found. My cam gear is pretty badly worn so I won't be making this one . I need to get a new cam in there


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Here ya go. I had this map professionally made. :D


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Ok... so I will have people from the I.E. that will be meeting up here at my shop, and from here we all be meeting up at signal hills around 10 or before.
Ralph, family and crew, Thanks for rolling out the red carpet for us. This was the biggest and best pizza cruise yet. I can say that because I've been to every one you've ever done.:D Time to down load some pictures and videos. :)

Happy spooling.
Mike Barnard
WOW...That was a great turnout! Thank you for the hospitality Ralph! I would like to offer my blood sweat and tears to anyone that just need help.

I saw some beautiful Buicks today. Thank you all for sharing.

I want to also thank Gary for introducing me to a couple of people.
Getting ready to go out with the wife. Post more pics and some video when I get home later.

Mike B.
I'm jealous............. :D

Not only that you guys put together another cool cruise, but Round Table is my favorite pizza chain. There aren't any in AZ anymore.

See you all at Bates!
I just want to send a special thank you to Ralph and his wonderful wife for making this day special, and I mean for getting all the cars together as well as leaving a wonderful memory in my wife's timeline.