Plastic covers over recent cars engines


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Sep 15, 2003
The covers over the engines of newer cars are plain stupid looking. What point do they serve? The only cool ones are the corvette fuel rail covers.
god i hate those. its like, whats there to work on? a board over the engine making it so you can get to ****? F that crap. altho i did see a nice cutom carbon fiber Vette engine cover for the manifold and all the other day.
A few weeks, there was an artilcle in New York or Los Angeles Times newspaper about those dopey engine covers.

It seems the covers now get nearly as much attention as the body. Article wrote how car makers are trying to project images of "power" and "strength" through their engine cover designs :rolleyes:

If I had a car with a stupid engine cover, I would take it off ... I like to SEE the condition of my engine, look for oil leaks, etc
I know GM uses engine covers for 2 main purposes. 1 being to hide unsightly wiring and solenoids and 1 being to cut down on injector noise that can be heard outside the car. You know how all those "old people" hate loud engines, noisy exhaust, and harsh shifting transmissions amoung other things.

Personally, I like some engine covers and I agree some others look like dog ass.