Please help me clarify the oil pump priming procedure!!

Dr. Jeckel

New Member
Jul 29, 2003
I have been reading numerous quotes and looking at the procedure in and i have a question. Where do you put the drill to turn the pump and why does just disconnecting the ecm wire and using the starter to build pressure(like when you do an oil change) not work for priming the system. Can someone help me out with this. The more posts I read the more confusing it gets. Pics or drawings would be awesome to help me associate words with the actual pieces being described. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. I changed the cam on my LS1 and reading everything about just changing the timing chain on these cars makes changing the cam in my LS1 seem like cake.
Thanks, James.
You remove the cam sensor and the oil pump shaft will be visible below. If you have a SBC priming tool and the can use just the shaft, it will fit on to the oil pump collar. IMHO, you'll burn the starter motor up trying to prime with the starter.
I have always been able to get pressure by starter moter.

After a rebuild I took out the cam sensor and used a drill with a piece of round bar that I just ground the end to look like a flat blade screw driver - worked great.

It is a good chance to make sure the sensor is set properly - but it is a PITA to get the cam sensor to go back on the oil pump shaft. Just like a distributer, got to mess with it for 20 or so minutes, keep pulling it back out and giving the oil pump shaft a slight turn - it will eventually go.
Thanks, I was thinking of a completely different place. I guess once I get in there it will be a little more self evident.