Plenum removal advice

Kent Buckles

:confused: I am getting ready to remove my plenum Sunday night to have it Powdercoated. I have a couple of questions if I can get some opinions. Any tricks or advice on how not to heli-coil the bolts that hold on plenum??? Also would it be best to do with engine hot or cold??? Any where on the web to get instructions??? I have looked for a detailed procedure but have not found anything yet. ANY ADVICE OR INSTRUCTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP.:) Kent
COLD!! Since you will have to remove the fuel rail to get it out. It was always pretty simple for me. Remove coil pack, fuel rail (with injectors is easiest), uppipe, vaccuum block, collant hoses to TB if you still have them connected, throttle bracket, and the 5 bolts holding it on. There may be more. Been a while since I had a stock setup. And obviously put a clean rag or something in the lower intake when it's off to keep dirt/debris out of the intake runners.

Just the plenum, the upper doghouse? Just remove the throttle bracket and cables, unbolt the vacuum block and move over slightly, up pipe, unplug IAC and TPS, and then the 5 bolts holding it down (the one holding the vacuum lines will be tricky). You'll likely need to pop it off with a little leverage from a long screwdriver since the old gaskets are usually a bit stuck. There should be plenty of thread to resecure it back down; I was able to reuse the original bolts with a power plate install and was successful. Just don't crank it down like a lugnut. Even and tight should do it unless you are a fanatic about torque specs.
I think you are asking on how not to strip them out maybe. Clean em good and chase the threads on the bolts and in the holes. Torque them to the correct spec. Have read many stories on them being stripped.
the bolt that holds the vac lines down on the pass side was stripped from the factory on mine - if yours isn't already stripped, be advised - this is the one that everybody strips.

I had to helicoil that one and it pissed me off real good.