Plenum stud bolt size question?


Aug 23, 2008
The bolts on top of plenum to manifold. I know the 3 regular looking bolts are M8-1.25-25mm(factory). Does someone know the size of the 2 back side stud bolt. The ones that hold the brackets on each side.

Also I have another question, I'm using the RJC power plate with a plenum gasket top and bottom. Because of the space of the plate just so the bolt snugs down I went with M8-1.25-30mm instead of the (factory M8-1.25-25mm). Is that enough, to snug the bolt down for a good seal. I'm thinking doing the same for the 2 stud bolts at the back too. Go maybe 5mm longer than stock? The back two stud bolts weren't catching very well. Thats a vacuum leak
Its prblably the same size as the bolts /But in a stud bolt and the nut uses a 14mm socket and the regular bolts use a 13 mm socket. I have the kirbans engine book with exploded with part # and size and torque spec. but that one stud bolt says part #25525211. Cant find real bolt size on google with that part number? # 16 on the graph. I think I got.