Ported irons or aluminum heads?


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Nov 25, 2011
My question is -will I make more power & increase my 1/4 et mph by swapping out my ported irons for a set of gn1s or TA aluminum heads? Rightnow I'm trapping 129mph 1/4. My combo is .40over 4.1 ported irons 215/220 Hyd rllr Ross pistons on molner rods stk stroked steel crank with 2 center billet caps the block has been prep really nice & compr is 9:1 turbo is 6667cea racetronix double pumper n dual nozzle alky . My boost is at 27 rightnow . I'm wandering should I put these 1.60 rllr rockers on my current iron heads or should I just by some new aluminum heads ... In the hopes of making more power with at the same 27psi boost with no other changes.Please give me your thoughts. Oh I'm using a tt alky chip the basic one n just a scan master.
I'd try to find the missing 5-6mph on your current combo before I threw more parts at it. Verify cam timing, ignition timing, converter slip, and nail down the a/f and timing.

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You're right Bison I gotta look into & verify those things you mentioned first . Thanks