Ported stage 3 M+A heads, Complete comp 206/206 roller cam kit, RJC 4inch maf pipe, Other stuff

v6 under pressure......the original roller springs for cam kit is 269-15 comp cam beehive springs, I am including them in the kit so its complete with everything you need
Those heads had a 1.94 intake and a 1.6 exhaust, They will make as much power as most of the aluminum heads out there. With Ron's porting I will say they are around 220-230 CFM on intake depending on condition of vlave job, he did a couple sets for me that were even higher can't tell from the pictures which ones they are. I wish I had a use for them or we might be making a deal.
Thanks mike for the info, it was nice talking on the phone also, will be getting some full throttle products from you soon, those Pac 1201 springs sound great at 120 bucks too
any updates, this thread is confusing since you say "Everything is for sale unless marked sold" yet the original post has prices for items which have replies as sold.

interested in heads and cam but...
Let me help for a friend, I can guarantee the cam kit is sold I bought it, the stage 3 M&A heads with the goodies are pending sale to BlackAir, MAF pipe is sold. Aside from those three items I believe the rest is for sale still.
That is correct war wagon, any items listed are for sale unless marked sold, heads, cam, maf pipe, are sold
some parts in pics not priced, make offers on them or contact me and we can work out a price guys, thanks