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Jun 10, 2005
Curious to know if the ceramic coating on these headers holds up to the heat. Have any of you experienced the coating peeling off?

I ask because I was looking at the description in the catalog which indicates up to 1300 degree f, which I believe is well below the heat range of our motors. I have seen nothing but decent reviews and just want to make sure as I am looking for a replacement to my leaky header issue.

its BS mine started to show wear after a few days. , thinking of jetcotaing mine along with the downpipe

After a while it will come off. about 50% of mine is, i've had mine for about 4 years now.
hate to bring this up but,

The 2 sets I have seen really left a lot to be desired as far as the weld build up inside the runners @ the header flange. Hopefully they have improved this area as more sets are being built. I like their thick tubing.
The factory coated Poston headers actually had some rust spots eat through it and I have had them for about 12k miles. Not that great of a coating but its much better than nothing. I got them HPC coated this time and they should hold up much better.

So far, HPC has been great, my coated turbo housing has lasted a few thousand miles and looks brand new, we will see on the headers.
HPC Coating

What does HPC stand for and it seems these headers are subject to failure so if you are looking to make a replacement once and only once.

Your choices are Airzona Stainless or the jet hot coated mild steel or wait for vendor to start reproducing ATR style headers.

I am simply not a big fan of mild steel, leaving to much to chance with the person responsible for doing the coating.
mine are holding up ok. the finish has dulled but not peeling. the inside welds should be smoothed for better flow. has mine three seasons now.
HPC ran $233, thats an inside and out coating with a stripping fee and they coated my crossover bolts. I use the SouthWest facility as they have the best turn around time by over a week.

Here are the pics, they should look sweet next to the HPC'd Turbo and 3.5" DP.


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local place in philly about 200.00 all 3 parts ;) so far no cracks no peeling no discoloration ;)


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Nice coatings in both examples, now I am wondering about the material the Poston's are made of. Is it Stainless steel or mild and are the stock ones made of stainless or mild steel.

Trying to get my bearing straight as to what my true investment should be. The Poston's advertisement indicates stock replace and I think the stock ones are stainless. Any clues...
In addition to my earlier thoughts the pictures seems to depict that coating that is good up to about 1300 f. Can anyone confirm what they were told it would stand up to, because from my understanding these motors at higher boost levels will exceed that all day. What would be great is a picture of them on the car after they have been beat on.

If they are stainless though the only benefit is thermal management.
The ceramachrome(shiney stuff is "only" rated to ~ 1300 deg ). There is a black satin thats good for 2000 deg. The powders that I use are only good for about 1000-1200 deg temps. I would love to see some pics of the powder coated headers. I don't think the ceramic coating should flake if the metal was preped right, maybe dull, but not flake. I did mine in the 2000 deg black. :)

the ceramic coating I had on my postons didnt last one hour. The place that did them called procoat here in tampa bay florida didnt tell me until after I had them on the car that the oven they had only went to 500 degrees. Not to 750 like the manufacturer stated. It was a ceramic blue that looked good until the egt destroyed it. :mad: I had the factory coating on the poston headers for 3 different cars & 8 years no problem until I had the coating stripped & then went to the blue. I hear that TLC (techline coatings) has a 2000 plus black that a friend of mine has on his atr headers, dp, & xover. Been on about 2 years on his & still looks great. Good luck.