power glide ??????


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if was going to switch to power glide. what are some dues and donts and what gears should i buy . what internal parts are a must. thanks
There are a lot of parts out there for the Powerglide.

The problem comes in that being a 2 speed you will be turning a lot of rpm's down the road if you change the axle to get off the line quicker. To say nothing of the rpm at the end of a 1/4 mile. Racing PGs also tend to have loose (read high stall) torque converters, adding heat to the situation.

Yes, the rotating mass & friction loss is smaller on a PG than a 400 or 700, but a 200-4R with added needle bearings will be low in friction, as well as low in rotational mass. And you won't have to run killer low gear to get moving.
Putting a Glide in Chow's Car really helped.
He has a 7 second car making over 1800HP.
The Mike's Monster Glide has worked perfectly.
for drag racing with that power the glide will definately work but itll be sluggish on initial acceleration on the street.probably be smarter to use a 400