power seat switch 8 pin?


Hey guys,
I just pulled the power seat switch from my 87 GN and I has 8 pins ... I've seen where there are 7 pins and i think 9 . any help? are there 8 pin switchs? Mine has 7 and the part number on it is20646224... any help? thanks ! Steve
I believe that 1986 had the 7 pin switches and 1987 had the 8 pin units. Been looking for a 7 pin for my brothers 1986 and could only find the 1987, 8 pin switches.
Mine has 7 and the part number on it is 20646224

20646224 is the GM Part Number for a 8-pin switch. The 7-pin switch is discontinued.

The 7-pin switch was used on most 1986 and older cars. It was used on the power seat that had the plastic body transmission powered by a single motor.

The 8-pin switch is used on most 1987 and newer cars with no plastic transmission and 3 single motors.