Power Windows Uggghhhh!!!!!!

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Feb 14, 2003
:mad: My frigin window is stuck in the down position!

It's cold here in Ohio. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to get this thing up?

I can't afford a new motor, I know...I'm broke. I just want the thing to go up, I'll worry about it going down this summer.
Sometime you can have someone push the up switch and pull it yourself...that would do until you wanted to roll it down again.
it mayy be the switch. this happened to my everyday driver and the motor was fine. Ill bet it is the switch..
Yep, me too!

Originally posted by FlyinGN
it mayy be the switch. this happened to my everyday driver and the motor was fine. Ill bet it is the switch..

The switches are junk. I replaced my drivers side double switch a few years ago, and it's a bit goofy again. I only have a fraction of the use on this one compared to the last. We have no choice in the matter though.

They can be purchased at Pep Boys pretty cheap, and they are not real bad to install either.
Kick the door on the inside. My motor would stall with the window all the way down. If I kicked the door panel at the right spot, it would work. (This was before I did the interior over. Also, a friend had a F*rd that the window was stuck on. The way I got that one up was I hopped in, held the switch, and slammed the door. There was a dead spot in the motor, and that was enough to jar it and make contact. Your bes bet is to pull the door apart, and make sure you are getting voltage. If you are, then replace the motor. Or, you can just rap the motor with a hammer. I found the cost if the motor is worth saving the aggravation of having it not work. After all, you are going to replace it eventually, so why not now? Good Luck.

Originally posted by strikeeagle
Your car is trying to tell you to put it away for the winter...


I guess I'm one of the very few that has an old car as their primary transportation...:p
Pull the driver's kick panel,the door panel and check the wiring.
Mine wore through and shorted to the door.
I had to replace the wire.
Worked perfectly afterwards.
Tried the switch first....no help.:(
The replacement switches at the Help section make you long for a nice old GM switch. They suck worse.

Might get the window up however.

My GM one caught fire this year and really smoked when it went.

If you can get the switch out to make the drivers side go up you put a 12-14 gauge jumper wire into the holes for the Pink power wire and the Dark Blue wire which is the up side of the motor.
It was the SWITCH ! ! !

Ahhh, yes, it is finally warm in my car.

It's funny, the muthaf**ka won't go up but it will go down:confused: I just used another switch from the junk pile. Works great now.

Thanks everyone!