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Aug 22, 2001
I am wondering if anyone knows how to turn this tranny into a direct drive for a circle track car? Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks!!
What exactly are you looking for? I can set up for spud without external valving and either have the spud or the fake converter. If you run the higher gearset (4.11) do the manual valvebody and run it in direct. If you run the lower gearset (2.73) do the spud thing and shift it.
First you'll need to obtain a straight drive. They come in two basic flavors; one-piece or two-piece.

The one-piece is less expensive but offers less flexibility in your setup. The two-piece offers more adjustment for motor plates or adapter plates.

The transmission will need a valve body that will allow normal operation without the slippage of the conveter. There are a couple of units on the market now expressly for this purpose.

I am currently finishing development on a new version circle track valve body that will eliminate all external line-pressure controls. It'll be really easy to set up and drive and worked well on a few race cars late this season.

Nothing trick required in the transmission itself. It'll merely require a decent rebuild with good frictions. Even stock input shafts and 1.82 gear-sets live in these things which keeps costs down.