PowerLogger and Gauges


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I have a question and need some help. I have a PL and want to install a boost gauge and knock detector. I want to know how to connect boost gauge and knock detector to the PL. I believe that I have read article of people talking about doing it, but cant seem to find out anything more on it. Can someone that has the knowledge and expertise to assist me in this?


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The green wire on the ECM or MAP Sensor? Also what kind of or type of gauge and sensor do you use?


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True you can tap into the map sensor located on the passenger side fender. It has vacuum line running to it and a three wire connector. You tap the green wire and run it to the wire connection block that you got with the powerlogger. It will already record knock. You can't connect the knock detector to it. Look for the instructions on the Caspers Knock Gauge. They will telll you the wire at the ECM to tap to get the ESC signal. I forget that stuff.:rolleyes:



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Would you know which port on the PL block for your boost? So no gauge right? The boost will be read on the scanmaster?

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You can run a boost gauge but it would be totally separate from the pl.

Input the map signal in to I2. As long as the scanmaster is hooked to the pl, you can read boost.